Sparc CPU making a come back?

Fujitsu is planning on new releases of  the Sparc CPU architecture years after it acquired it from Oracle after they took over Sun Microsystems according to this article,

Fujitsu had in the past talked about how Arm would over take Sparc and discontinue it but it seems to be backing off that plan. Will that mean a resurgence for Sparc based servers? Will they make a run at IBM or HP to regain dominance?

It is doubtful as the mid-range server market is now a niche that caters to ultra computing big data crunching applications or virtualization an entire data center down to a few frames of mainframe like servers.

Only time will tell but it would seem to this old Sun system administrator that these systems will continue to stay specialized in big data and database applications for large corporations will millions to spend on yearly maintenance contracts.

Meanwhile the rest of the world will happily continue to use virtualized Windows and Linux and run just about everything in the cloud on commodity Dell, HP and white box hardware.


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